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Building Inspector

  2020-11-24     Confidential     2440 E Tudor Rd #401     $25 hour  

Our focus is on assisting clients with their concerns of structure that they are, or are about to be financially involved with. The focus is inspecting houses, and offering an opinion on Major Safety Issues; things that might hurt you physically, Major Contractor Issues; things that might hurt you financially! (Please notice we said “opinion”, what we do is not code inspecting.

Our inspection company is looking for an assistant to work PART TIME with a lead inspector. Applicants should aspire to evolve into an independent lead building inspector. This person must be highly observant, detail oriented, safety conscious, able to listen to clients, speak clearly in layman’s terms about building components in plain English (Spanish, Tagalong, or Korean 2nd language helpful) about areas of concern, and enjoy the variety of a different job sites every day.

This is a great opportunity to learn on the job, but only for the right person. We are looking for an apprentice to assist at $25 per hour, 3 hour minimum per job fee. We are seeking an independent individual who is able to become licensed, bonded, and insured in as little as six months. Building trades may be helpful, observation skills are even more important.

An employee’s personal appearance and hygiene is a reflection on the company’s character. Employees are expected to dress appropriately for their work responsibilities and position. Our staff wear name tags while representing our home inspection company. Work clothes for those in the field are to be cotton work clothes, specifically excluding blue jeans. Khaki, dark green, or black trousers will be required, and slip on shoes with rubber soles. Dress shirts (long or short sleeve) an embroidered logo, will be provided, and personal protection equipment as needed.

Applicants must be bondable, have a clean record, and willing to submit to drug testing if required. We will provide the necessary tools, and education resources for those willing to learn this trade.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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