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FM Technical Assistant

  2018-12-29     Alaska Public Media     3877 University DR     43,000 year  

Title: FM Technical Operator 

Reports to: CEO General Manager until Chief Content Officer is hired

FSLA Status Non-exempt

Version 1.2

The FM Technical Operator is responsible for generating audio and digital content for Alaska Public Media that serves the Alaska community, builds audience and encourages audience engagement while enhancing AKPM revenue initiatives. The FM Technical Operator is integral to local origination content development, radio operational stability and AKPM’s Emergency Response Team.

AKPM is the source of NPR radio, PBS television for South Central Alaska and stewards of statewide news.

Essential Functions:

The FM Technical Operator will:

  • Work across all AKPM content delivery platforms – radio, web, social media, and television –to strengthen AKPM’s community value, increase AKPM’s service capacity and affirm AKPM’s brand in southcentral Alaska.

  • Oversee and perform technical production engineering for weekly FM network and broadcast programs (i.e. ANN, KSKA Call-in, TOA, AKPM STATEWIDE credits.

  • Engineer regularly schedules programs; special events, remote broadcasts and contracted productions as necessary. (i.e., ISDN, State of the State, tape synchs).

  • Record, mix and edit audio productions, promotions, underwriting announcements, FM pledge drive spots, sound effects, and musical selections. (i.e., AKPM statewide credits, pledge testimonials, music bank, “AK” like segments).

  • Assist FM colleagues and broadcast engineer with regular technical/operations support that includes rebooting FM audio work stations, receivers, implementing Wheatstone cross point changes (not including writing commands), back up for updating ENCO playlists a=with Ensemble clocks.

  • Provide feedback for FM network and broadcast programs.

  • Provide technical oversight and training for FM staff and member station. (i.e,. new arrivals, software assistance Adobe Audition, ENCO).

  • Oversee and operate network satellite uplink and downlink facilities.

  • Ensure the highest quality audio production at all times. Provides technical audio engineering and oversight for the production and distribution of daily FM broadcast and network programming.

  • Be primary contact with member stations for all satellite related activities.

  • Schedule, supervise, operate and coordinate AKPM statewide satellite uplink and downlink services.

  • Generate uplink schedules for network programming.

  • Quote satellite related charges to uplink users.

  • Updates ProTrack playlists for statewide programming.

  • Enter ENCO library into ProTrack to produce daily logs.

  • Produce daily ProTrack logs

  • Reconcile logs daily

  • Produce and host “AK”.

Duties and Responsibilities:

In addition to the above functions, the FM Technical Operator will:

  • Assist FM colleagues and broadcast engineer with coordination of technical studio facilities.

  • Provide technical support for member stations.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

  • Commitment to mission, vision, and values of Alaska Public Media.

  • Bachelor’s degree or commensurate experience.

  • Two year’s network broadcast experience.

  • Two year’s systems management experience.

  • Five year’s broadcast board operations experience with skills and knowledge of digital audio processing.

  • Ability to work unsupervised, set priorities and meet deadlines.

  • Positive oral and written communication skills.

  • Proficient computer skill and knowledge of the latest PC Operating Systems, audio software applications, internet applications (including WordPress, ENCO, Adobe Audition, and Wheatstone, FTP.

  • Broad understanding of production across media platforms.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Prior NPR/public radio production, audio recording, editing, and hosting experience.

  • Bachelor’s degree in radio broadcasting or commensurate.

Allowable Substitution

If necessary, alternative combinations of education and experience will be evaluated by the Human Resources Office for comparability.

Alaska Public Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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