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Board of Directors Application Packet

(We are only accepting applicants currently residing in Alaska)

Applications reviewed on a bimonthly basis. Two positions open until filled.

Please note: We are currently seeking two people to join NWAAF’s Board representing Alaska.

We understand that the time commitment outlined below can be inaccessible for a lot of people, especially in a place where seasonal work is common. We plan to be flexible with these expectations to accommodate the capacity that candidates have.


The Northwest Abortion Access Fund (NWAAF) is an abortion fund serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. NWAAF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is registered with the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), a membership organization of over 70 funds across the United States. We strive to be a mission-driven, values aligned organization; you can learn more about our organizational values at

NWAAF relies on dedicated volunteers to serve as our Board of Directors to oversee the operations of the organization. Joining the NWAAF Board is a great way to get involved in fighting for abortion access for all. You can gain leadership experience and commit your time and energy to helping people in the Northwest who want an abortion and cannot afford it.

We are thrilled that you are interested in serving on NWAAF’s Board of Directors!

The board’s purpose is to guide and implement the organization’s development, programming and mission. The board works to oversee and direct NWAAF’s affairs in accordance with its mission, operating procedures, and standards of fiscal responsibility.

Responsibilities of the Board:

  • Affirm the mission, core beliefs, and values of NWAAF

  • Develop and implement a workable fundraising plan; fundraise and grow donor database

  • Protect the organization’s assets and provide financial oversight

  • Develop and routinely monitor an annual budget

  • Promote NWAAF within local, state, national, and international communities

  • Monitor and strengthen direct services program(s)

  • Create and run programs that work to expand access to abortion in the Northwest

  • Recruit and develop new board members, and build a competent, diverse board

  • Select, develop/support, and evaluate staff, interns, and volunteers, as needed.

Expected Contributions:

Our board is a working board (as opposed to a governing board). The time board members spend on NWAAF projects varies based on board priorities, and individual board members have some flexibility to choose how many projects they participate in at any given time. The times below are averages based on a recent survey of our members. Here’s an overview of the participation expectations:

Weekly (6-8hrs) :

  • Follow through on all tasks committed to at meetings

  • Respond to communication from board members, staff, volunteers, and donors

  • Work on committee and task force projects

Monthly (24-36 hrs):

  • Attend and engage in all scheduled board meetings and assigned events

    • Board meetings are currently held one Monday evening per month for two hours

    • Review agenda and board documents provided prior to board meetings

  • Stay informed regarding the activities and business operations of NWAAF

  • Participate in selected workgroups or committees

    • Board members are expected to be on at least one committee and volunteer for task forces whenever possible

    • Most committees meet at least once a month for one hour, sometimes more depending on project needs

    • Workgroup/task force meeting frequency is determined by the group and the needs of the project

  • Racial caucusing is held once every six weeks for two hours for all volunteers (including board members) to engage with anti-racist learning and discussion. At least two of these are required each year for all White volunteers; board members are encouraged to attend as often as possible. (BIPOC) volunteers can choose whether or not to participate


  • Attend scheduled trainings and onboardings

  • Participate in the annual Fund-a-Thon and other fundraising events

  • Complete at least two shifts as a hotline or practical support volunteer (if this poses a barrier, apply anyway and we can talk about it). Each shift is a 1-2 week commitment of 10-15 hours a week. It is vital for board members to understand the direct work of serving our callers as they lead the organization’s strategic decision making

  • Attend a weekend-long undoing racism training

  • Attend the National Network of Abortion Funds Regional Summit, a multi-day event held in August (optional)

As needed

  • Participate in any decision-making process that arises between board meetings

  • Attend trainings, coalition meetings, speaking engagements, conferences, networking opportunities, and other reproductive and social justice movement events

  • Partner with local supporters to organize fundraising and volunteer appreciation events

  • Speak to the media about NWAAF and abortion funds in general

Term: We ask for an initial commitment of two years followed by the opportunity to renew your commitment on an annual basis up to 5 years.

In addition to agreeing to the time commitments involved, NWAAF expects board members to be values aligned. All volunteers must be pro-abortion and embrace the tenets of reproductive justice, not just reproductive rights, and understand that people of all genders need abortion care. In addition, engaging with antiracist content and discussion as an ongoing practice is a critical component of doing reproductive justice work and interacting directly with our callers. We strive to provide opportunities to engage with a variety of anti-racist topics through a reproductive justice lens as we work to create space for growth and building trust within the group.

Application Instructions:
Because we are committed to diversity and making sure that our board reflects the wide range of people who seek our help, we highly encourage people of color, LGBTQIA+, young people, people who have had abortions, people who have experienced intersecting barriers to accessing reproductive health services, and low-income people to apply. Previous board experience is not required.

We know that people who inhabit marginalized identities are less likely to apply for positions they don’t feel fully qualified for. We encourage you to apply even if you’re not sure you’re qualified. If you are dedicated to abortion justice, there is room for you in this movement.

Please complete the application form here: If you would like to apply for the Board Director position via another method, please contact us at and we will do our best to work with you. The two positions for Alaska Board candidates will remain open until filled. We aim to respond to all applicants within a couple of weeks after receiving your application.


Contact Information

  1. Name:

  2. Email:

  3. Phone:

  4. Address:

  5. Work organization (optional):

  6. If we speak about you in the third person, what pronouns should we use? Options can be any combination of: he/him, she/her, they/them, your name, or anything else you prefer.

Experience and Interest

  1. How did you hear about NWAAF?

  1. Please describe your experience with reproductive justice, abortion access, reproductive health, and/or community service.

  1. Let us know what knowledge, skills, or experience you can bring to NWAAF by bolding or checking the options you are proficient in or have experience in

  • Board development (recruitment, training, evaluation)

  • Volunteer management (recruitment, training, supervision)

  • Special event planning and implementation

  • Strategic planning

  • Working with diverse communities

  • Organizational development

  • Human resources

  • Organizing/movement building

  • Policy experience

  • Coalition building

  • Public health

  • Administering or receiving social services

  • Networking

  • Public speaking

  • Operations (program planning and implementation, evaluation)

  • Communications/public relations

  • Website management/social media

  • Legal expertise

  • Fundraising - direct asks

  • Financial management (budgeting, accounting)

  • Fundraising - grant/proposal writing

  • Compliance/nonprofit legal issues

  • Has had an abortion

  • Has faced major intersecting barriers to access reproductive health services

  • Has experience with being low income or generational poverty

  • Has lived in or lives in a rural area

  • Has lived experience as a person of color

  • Has lived experience as an LGBTQIA+ individual

  1. Please list any other special skills or experience you'd like us to know about.


Most of the board’s work happens at the workgroup level. Currently, we have 5 committees: communications, finance & fundraising, governance, policy & organizing, and programs. Let us know which workgroups interest you by bolding or checking them. You are not committing to anything but expressing interest!

  • Communications: Works to get the message of abortion access out to our supporters and the general public, using social media, newsletters, e-blasts, our website and the media.

  • Finance & Fundraising: Ensures that the organization has money to fund abortions, raised through fundraisers like the Fund-a-thon, other campaigns, and individual donor

  • Governance: Works to make sure the board and the organization are running in an efficient and values driven way. Oversees board recruitment, onboarding and leadership development.

  • Policy & Organizing: Works with federal, state, and local governments in coalition with fellow community orgs to protect and progress abortion access in our region.

  • Programs/Employee Supervision: Supports and supervises the Program Manager in managing and expanding programming and supporting the Programs team. Supervision is a year long commitment. There is not an expected opening until August of 2022.

Supplemental Questions

  1. Do you support NWAAF’s mission to fund abortion and break down barriers to abortion access for people in the Northwest? Yes/No

  1. Why do you feel passionately about NWAAF’s mission to break down barriers to abortion access for people in the Northwest?

  1. Our organizational values are really important to us and are a critical part of how our work is done. How do you define equity, and what do you see as your role for advancing equity in the organization and in abortion access? Also, how do you grow and develop your personal equity and racial justice analysis?

  1. What lived experience and values do you have that would make you an asset to the board?

  1. How do you grow and develop your personal equity and racial justice analysis?

  1. We are currently seeking board members with experience in organizational development, operations management, non-profit legal compliance, and abortion law and policy. If you have expertise in any of these areas, please tell us about it. (If you don’t, don’t worry! That does not mean you won’t be selected.)

  1. If the board does not elect you this year, are you willing to serve on a committee as a non-board member? Yes/No/Maybe

Demographic Information

It is optional to provide the following information. We use it only to help us get a better idea of the demographic makeup of our board members.

  1. What languages do you speak?

  2. What ethnicities and/or races do you identify as?

  3. Do you identify as LGBTQIA?

  4. What is your gender identity?

Thank you to the National Network of Abortion Funds, The Texas Equal Access Fund, and the Baltimore Abortion Fund for application packet inspiration.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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