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Alaska Jobs Seekers: Writing That Cover Letter

The cover letter should be an integral part of your application package. As you're applying for Anchorage jobs, make sure to take the time to really dig in and create a specific and well-written letter for each employer to whom you apply. In so doing, take a look at these tips from Seth Porges of Forbes:

1. Don’t just duplicate your resume: this is a regular error. Some applicants treat their cover letters as longer versions of their resumes, spitting out all of their prior work experience and education into the letter, forgetting that that is what resumes are for. Listing your experience in one or two sentences is fine, but always remember that it's your resume's job to list your experience; your cover letter is about how you can benefit the company.

2. Don't let it get too long: cover letters should never exceed a page. In fact, the typical letter shouldn't go longer than even three paragraphs.

3. Leave out the identifying address: often times applicants will not be aware of whom to address in their letter. If you don't know who exactly will be reading your letter, don’t bother addressing anyone at all; jumping right into the body of the letter is acceptable.

4. Don’t ever use phrase “My name is [blank], and I am applying for the position of [blank].”

5. Give it a strong ending: close your letter with two to three sentences explaining how your experience can help your job performance.

By Kyle Wise

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