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Using Niche Jobs Boards as an Alaskan Employer

With the hundreds of job seekers applying for Anchorage jobs, it can be difficult for employers to find just the right applicant that will help their business grow. If you're in charge of the hiring in your company there are some tools that you can utilize to maximize your hunt for the perfect job candidate. One of these ways is to tap into using niche job boards. Here are some reasons to look into them:

1. Each niche job board specializes in one field. This is highly advantageous for many readily apparent reasons. If you are the head of an advertising firm looking for people with backgrounds in advertising, you can start searching through an advertising job board (where everyone already has the necessary experience) rather than diving through thousands of entries on a general job board.

2. The applicant pool is smaller. The mere act of starting your search on a niche job board narrows down your candidate searching immeasurably. You are in an environment where nearly every candidate can potentially fill your position. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you have your top five candidates up for consideration.

3. Every candidate on the board has the relevant background and/or experience. It is practically a guarantee that a niche job board specializing in what your business does (retail, construction, restaurants) has someone qualified to fill your vacant position. Since no two restaurants or retail stores are the same, this pool can help you find a job seeker who is a good fit for your business.

4. Niche job boards can be localized. Like standard job boards, niche job boards can be very broad in terms of geographic scope. A search for editing jobs can turn up results from all over the country. This isn’t terribly helpful if your business is located in Anchorage and the qualified people are all in San Diego. However, niche job boards that are localized, like Help Wanted Alaska, help you find candidates who are close by.

By Kyle Wise

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