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Alaska Employers: How to Filter Out Resumes

If you're doing the hiring for your business to find the best applicants looking for Anchorage jobs then you know that it can be a delicate situation to filter through all those resumes. While it may be a relatively straightforward process to get rid of the most obviously poor applicants, we wanted to give you some pointers for when you have to bite the bullet and finally select your top contenders. Look for resumes and applicants that have:

1. A customized cover letter. It’s a common practice among job seekers to have one generalized cover letter at their disposal for all of their job applications. There are, however, many candidates who go out of their way to tailor each cover letter specifically for the job they are applying for. Look for a candidate who specifically addresses the needs of your company and the duties of the position in his or her cover letter.

2. Relevant work experience. Similar to the custom cover letter, the custom resume will ideally be unique for each job application. Look for candidates whose past work experience ties in with the duties and responsibilities of the position you are trying to fill.

3. Related work experience. Candidates with job experience that is similar to, though not entirely the same as the job they are applying for should get some consideration as well. This can be useful if you have narrowed your search to three candidates whose prior experience doesn’t exactly match that of the position. For example, some one who has a lot of experience answering phone calls can be considered for a customer service position.

4. Look up your candidates online. There is a lot of information on your candidates out there, even if they do not know it. A Google search of a candidate’s name and his city can turn up anything from his Facebook page to Twitter account to his Linked In profile.

By Kyle Wise

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